iPod touch shipping, unboxing photos on flickr [updated]

The iPod touch is now available at some Apple Stores, and iLounge’s unboxing and iPod/iPhone comparison photos of the device have appeared on photo-sharing site flickr. The iPod touch comes in a black box, similar to the iPhone’s, and features a photo of the device’s “Now Playing” screen, with album art from artist Corinne Bailey Rae, on the top. Inside the box, and shown in our photos, is a simple clear plastic stand that can be attached to iPod touch’s side to prop it up for widescreen video viewing.

While the iPhone’s first screen shows users a picture of the Earth, and states “Activate Phone” before the first sync, the iPod touch shows a picture of an iPod cord, with an arrow above it pointing to iTunes’ icon.

iPod touch shipping, unboxing photos on flickr [updated]

In addition to the photos, iLounge has posted a brief video of the iPod touch in action on YouTube. It is unclear how many Apple Stores have received shipments of the device.

Updated: Readers report that iPod touch units are now available in limited supplies in stores throughout the East and West Coasts, as well as the Midwest. One suburban Chicago store already has units on display for hands-on testing.