iPod Use Poll ends, 2008 Apple Poll begins

We’ve just closed out last month’s poll, “What do you use your iPod(s) for?,” and replaced it with a brand new poll, “Which likely 2008 Apple product are you most excited about?”

The results of the past poll were interesting. Of the nearly 3,000 survey responses we received, audio was obviously the number one use of the iPod—everyone uses their iPods for audio, and 25% used their iPods only for audio—but other uses were common, as well. Video was the second most popular use, with 61% of responding readers; photos were used by 56%, data storage by 46%, and games by 25%. Roughly a quarter, or 26% of responding readers used the iPod for audio, video, games, and photos, with 14% of all respondents using it for all four of those purposes and storing data, as well.

Cast your vote today in the 2008 Apple product survey! You can find it on the main iLounge.com page’s left hand column under iLounge Poll.

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