iPodResQ today announced repair services for the new iPod nano. The company is offering a flat-rate LCD replacement with 24-hour turn around time for $99. The service includes a custom “iBox” sent via overnight courier to pickup the nano for overnight delivery back to the iPodResQ service center. iPodResQ will receive the nano, install a new LCD the same day it is received, and return the nano back to the customer overnight. 

“We have our pricing in place, our parts in stock, and we are ready for the demand of out-of-warranty repairs. Adding the iPod nano to our repair line was just another small tweak in our repair system and we are happy to be able to support the nano immediately. Unfortunately, the nanos are still vulnerable to damage and the LCD in particular needs to be cared for. I wouldn’t keep this iPod in my back pocket,”  said Ryan Arter, President of MacResQ. “In fact, we received an LCD repair order the day after the nanos were released, and we are ready for the initial blast of repairs that always comes shortly after the announcement of a new iPod.”

iPodResQ said other repairs are available, but that “prices vary according to type.” iPod nano owners should call 1-877-Pod-Repair or visit the iPodResQ website for more information.

LC Angell

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