iPodweek launches, XtremeMac giveaway & Forums Friday

Our iPodweek newsletter has just launched! If you haven’t signed up yet, now’s the time. Sponsor XtremeMac is running a prize giveaway worth $370, including one (1) XtremeMac Luna iPod Alarm Clock Radio, one (1) pair of FS1 earphones and one (1) InCharge Traveler set. Full details are inside iPodweek!

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What’s in the iLounge Discussion Forums this week? We’re spotlighting some of our most popular threads, including:

With nearly 34,000 views, A Guide to Using Sound Check helps you adjust your iTunes library’s volume levels so that songs don’t alternate between whispers and screams.

With 49,000 views, Syncing With a Library Larger Than Your iPod helps you do just that—handy if your iPod nano can’t keep up with your ever-expanding collection of music.

And finally, with over 65,000 views, iLounge’s own Bob Levens explains how to get the best out of in-canal earphones. Recently a fan of custom-made earmolds, you can read Bob’s tips from back in the days when he relied on little foam or rubber tips to enjoy music. “Thanks to this thread I got my Sennheiser CX300s to fit properly,” said forum member Ron519098.