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The iLounge Discussion Forums are full of intense debates this week! A collection of established members, including iLounge Contributing Editor Jesse Hollington, are slugging it out in the Future iPods Forum over the future of Apple products. Which Mac is the Toyota of the family to the Mac Pro’s Rolls Royce, and will Apple create iPods to cater even more up and downmarket? Skip to the later pages in Why Apple Won’t Make 6Gen Wide/Touchscreen to see a very active brawl over where the company is headed, and why.

Will you camp out for the iPhone? In our iPhone Forum, readers are talking about their plans for June 29th in June 29th… It’s Yours!. Several people have chimed in to ask for a surprise Canadian release or new, more affordable pricing information. Get this topic back on track: are you going to help create iPhone sell-out lines, or sit this one out?

Finally, in our iTunes Store Forum, a thread on an unusual iTunes Store album pre-release bug has appeared under the title Help With New Paul McCartney Album Please! Readers are reporting that they’ve pre-purchased albums to get the first single, only to find that the track details don’t match up with the rest of the songs when the final album comes out. Have you experienced this issue? Add your comments to the discussion.

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