iPort intros five new iPod music systems

imageIn-wall iPod interface maker iPort today announced five new “free standing” iPort music systems, which allow iPod owners to stream music and photos to their home entertainment system as well as sync their iPod with iTunes.

The higher-end iPort models feature variable audio output for direct control of volume, IR remote control, and RS-232 two-way communication for viewing the iPod’s display information on touch-screen control systems. The FS systems start at $150 and are scheduled for release later this year.

“The FS systems incorporate a new patent-pending universal docking mechanism eliminating the need for adapters,” explains iPort. “All five FS music systems include a multi-function two-part mated cable for USB, audio, video, control and power. In keeping with iPort’s focus on style, the multi-function cable reduces clutter and simplifies connection. One side of the cable splits off for connection to the computer providing the means to sync the iPod to the iTunes library. The other side of the cable connects to a ‘breakout box’ that provides outputs for audio and video along with inputs for power and control.”

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