iSkin debuts fifth-generation iPod nano cases

iSkin today announced three new cases for the fifth-generation iPod nano: Vibes, nano Duo and DuoBand. Vibes for nano 5G is a soft, slim-fitting protector available in one of four etched designer patterns, and includes an integrated hard screen protector and a wrist strap designed to be used when shooting video with the integrated camera on the fifth-generation iPod nano. The iSkin Duo for iPod nano 5G is a two-part protective case with a shock-absorbing silicone back and a hard clear face shield. It includes a removable rotating belt clip and charging port protector plug. It is available in clear or black colors, however, it’s unclear how the iPod nano 5G’s camera is handled on this design. Finally, the iSkin DuoBand for iPod nano 5G is an all silicone protective skin case with an armband for use when working out. The DuoBand armband can also be used with the nano Vibes, if purchased separately. All three cases are available for online ordering now.

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