iSkin reveals ‘Vibe’ iPod case line

iSkin reveals ‘Vibe’ iPod case line 1

iSkin has provided iLounge with an exclusive preview of its upcoming line of iSkin Vibe iPod protectors. The company said it has partnered with the talented designers from Toki Doki to create the colorful sleeves, which feature Toki Doki’s unique anime-style characters in a variety of designs.

Similar to Griffin’s Chameleon cases, the iSkin Vibes are made from a special material similar to PU. Vibes will be released for the iPod mini and iPod shuffle in September. Pricing is expected to be $19.99 for the mini (belt clip and lanyard included) and $14.99 for the shuffle.

Click the link below to view large photos of several of the new cases.

  1. Those actually look pretty cool…
    I am not really familiar with the drawings,
    But I would not mind having the fourth on the top for the mini(the really black and white one)
    I hope iPodLounge reviews these…


  2. Not fond of the designs, but what’s up with the size they add to the minis? That’s pretty dumb if they make it that much larger.

  3. I really hope they release some for the regular iPods… because those designs look great, not to mention the click-wheel protection. Is the screen on the mini protected as well?

  4. Whatever happened to the skin they were making for the shuffle (it was blue and orange I believe).. seems to have been forgotten.

  5. I emailed them about this and they didnt respond. That was a week ago. It’s too bad, i really wanted one and since my other case is broken from me dropping it so much, i coulda used this.

  6. Well, I think thats just stupid. Ive been actually waiting to buy my effin ipod untill I order one of those cases.. Think they will have them up for sale soon?!?

  7. i hope so, but since they havent responded to a couple of my emails, they probably wont be. looks like ill have to find an alternative.

  8. I just looked on the iskin website this morning and they have created an emailing list that will notify you when these cases are released… can’t be long now!

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