iSkin unveils new cases for iPod classic, nano 3G


iSkin has introduced its Claro and evo4 Duo cases for iPod classic, and iSkin Duo case for iPod nano (with video). The Claro features an outer polycarbonate shell coated with an anti-scratch technology and a silicone inside design to provide dual-layered protection. The Claro outer shell also features built-in screen protection and a rear belt clip with an integrated kickstand. Inner silicone layers are also sold separately as “Slims” in a variety of colored 3-packs to extend the color options of the Claro. The iSkin Claro is available for the new iPod classic 80GB/160GB and will retail for $40. The iSkin Claro Slims packs will be sold separately for $25 per 3-pack.

The evo4 Duo for iPod classic joins a silicone skin with a full-frontal polycarbonate screen protector. The evo4 also features all-around surface protection that includes the click wheel and integrated covers for the iPod’s docking and earphone ports. It comes with a redesigned removable rotary belt clip. Available colors include Crimson, Sienna, Onyx, Popstar, Electra, and QuickSilver. The iSkin evo4 Duo for iPod classic sells for $35 and is available now. Finally, the iSkin Duo for iPod nano applies the evo4 Duo design concept to a more compact size. The Duo for Nano includes a removable rotary belt clip and adjustable lanyard, and also features integrated port covers for both docking and earphone ports. The iSkin Duo for iPod Nano is available in a variety of colors, sells for $30, and is available now.


Charles Starrett

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