A number of iTunes 10 users are having issues importing CDs after installing the updated software. In a lengthy Apple Support Discussion thread, users are claiming that upon inserting a CD, it is recognized by the Finder—the problem appears to be unique to Mac OS X—and iTunes opens as usual, but then begins behaving strangely, rapidly moving between the CD and the Music section and refusing to respond to user input. The problematic behavior reportedly lasts roughly 20 seconds, after which the CD is no longer mounted in iTunes nor the Finder. Based on responses in the thread, turning off the option to “Automatically retrieve CD track names from Internet” in the iTunes preferences fixes the problem, although it does force the user to type in the CD information manually. It is unclear whether the problem is with iTunes or with the Gracenote service, which provides iTunes’ CD track information, nor is it clear when a more acceptable fix may be available.

Charles Starrett

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