iTunes adds early links to DRM-free music from holdout labels

New links found on the iTunes Store suggest that Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, and Sony BMG may finally begin offering DRM-free iTunes Plus tracks through the service. Most notably, users have begun seeing tracks from the three labels appearing in the “Upgrade My Library” area of the store, which offers users a one-click option to upgrade past DRMed iTunes Store purchases to higher quality, DRM-free iTunes Plus versions.

As shown in the screenshot, some of the recordings are appearing in this area without pricing or links to purchase, suggesting that Apple may be considering alternative pricing for these new DRM-free tracks, or may perhaps be looking to move all music on the store to a DRM-free format, effectively doing away with the iTunes Plus moniker and lowering prices for currently-offered iTunes Plus tracks to match those of normal songs. A report from last week suggested Apple was in talks with the three labels in hopes of offering DRM-free versions of their songs on the Store, but the talks were said to be in the preliminary stages.

Apple has yet to comment on the matter.