iTunes Music Store in Canada… sooner than you think?

A reader at MacRumors has posted this quote from David Basskin, the President of the Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency (CMRRA):

“I’m happy to say that the process of negotiating a licensing deal with Apple is now under way. I met last week with representatives of the company, and I’m confident that our discussions will move ahead quickly. Last week, Steve Jobs told me that Apple couldn’t wait to come to Canada, and that it was a very high priority for him. I trust that this enthusiasm will be reflected in a quick and mutually successful negotiation.

Our company represents music publishers (and the songwriters they represent) and we will be licensing Apple in order to authorize them to make and sell reproductions of our clients’ songs. Apple will make separate arrangements with the record labels for the use of their recordings.”

However, the Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA) has still not been contacted by Apple.

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