iTunes phone upgrade to remove song cap? [updated]

imageOne of the biggest complaints with Motorola’s iTunes-enabled mobile phones is their 100-song cap. But Apple has apparently been listening and appears to be planning to allow users to upgrade their phone to remove the software-imposed song limit.

References in the code of the iTunes 6.0.3 update reveal a link to a hidden page on the iTunes Music Store that says: “Want more music on your mobile phone with iTunes? Upgrade now.” The upgrade process is not yet active, as several ROKR and SLVR phone owners were unsuccessful in getting their song limit raised. It’s not clear whether Apple plans to charge for the upgrade.

Update: Engadget has confirmed with Apple that “the upgrade screen exists for non-US customers, some of whom initially had caps as low as 25 songs, and brings their phones up to the 100-song limit.”

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