iTunes Ping loses Facebook Connect after release (images)

iTunes Ping loses Facebook Connect after release (images) 1

As noted when iTunes 10 launched yesterday with Apple’s new music social network Ping, the official release of the software came roughly eight hours after its announcement—considerably later than had originally been expected. Reports have suggested that the delay may have been the result of a last-minute contractual problem between Apple and Facebook, which reportedly proposed “onerous terms,” leading Apple to remove a promised Facebook Connect option for locating a user’s existing friends online.


The Facebook Connect feature briefly appeared within iTunes 10’s Ping feature last night, as shown in the screenshot above, before disappearing entirely. iLounge editors testing the feature found no contacts available via the service while it was available. Users now have the option to manually search the Ping database for people or artists, or invite friends via e-mail; Facebook and Twitter sharing links for individual media files still appear elsewhere within the iTunes Store. It’s unclear whether Facebook Connect will return to Ping in the future. Additional screenshots are available below.

  1. Hi Jeremy,

    I can’t seem to find out whether PING relates to App purchases as well. So far it just looks music related. I hope I am wrong!

    I would love to connect with other app lovers and network (music apps really)

    Do you know anything about this? Thank you!

  2. iTunes 10 is not available for G5 and G4 Macs with Power PC despite the fact that states that the Mac hardware necessary is “Mac computers with Intel or PowerPC, G5 and G4”.

    The reality is that the dowloading package cannot be openen by OS versions prior to 10.5. (Snow Leopard) that PowerPC Macs cannot run.This have been confirmed with Apple care support.

    Surprising in two ways:

    1.- The false info by
    2.- iTunes 10 runs perfectly with something as old as Windows XP.

    So no PING for G4 and G5 users.

  3. I started using Ping and I can’t even find my friends who’ve signed up on it (not referring to Facebook) nor can they find me. Anyone have any luck on that so far?

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