iTunes Store drops seven 5G iPod Games, updates Zuma

Following an extended period that saw Apple re-release some of its fifth-generation iPod Games in a format compatible with third-generation iPod nanos and iPod classics, the company today added PopCap Games’ previously-released Zuma to its master list of nano- and classic-ready iPod Games, and removed a section of the iTunes Store that linked to seven other titles. The titles are:

Royal Solitaire

Two of these titles, iQuiz and Vortex, now come pre-installed on iPod nanos and iPod classics; the other five were never updated for compatibility with the newer iPod models, and all require separate purchase for owners of the fifth-generation iPod. Though Apple has dropped all of these titles from its iPod Games index page, as of press time, working links to the download pages for each of these titles can still be found inside of the reviews above. Updated: This article was corrected after publication to reflect the inclusion of Mini Golf as an updated title.

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