Update: Michael Simmons has decided to bring back

“Due to a high request of people wanting the service back up, I have decided to re-launch it.
Please note YOU WILL have to have iTunes 4.0 and not higher to use this service.
I thank you for all your support, and hope to continue the service, even at a lower percentage of people able to use the service.”

Michael Simmons, who ran the free service iTunes Status which allowed users of iTunes 4 to indicate on the web when their iTunes Sharing Libraries were available, has closed the service down.

Simmons writes: “With the recent release of iTunes version 4.0.1, came the extinction of
In the month that it lasted I had over 65,000 hits, and over 890 members.
I would like to thank everyone who has supported this service. I have enjoyed every moment of it.
I would also like to thank the people who made such services and software as   iSuck and iBug..
You are the reason Apple pulled the sharing feature in iTunes. You just couldn’t   stand just listening to music, you had to steal, and ruin it for everyone.”

I must say that I second Mr. Simmons’ sentiments…

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