iTurbo portable power source for iPods debuts

Voxred International has announced the iTurbo, a portable power source for iPods. The tube-shaped product is reusable, runs off of one AA battery, and has an “on/off” twist feature to preserve battery power.

“When an iPod battery indicates that it’s low, simply plug one end of the iTurbo adapter into the iPod and the other end into the iTurbo,” explains the company. “The blue light on top of the iTurbo will become brighter, indicating that the iPod is receiving a safe flow of energy.

The amount of additional playtime supplied by the iTurbo depends upon the make and model of the iPod. For example, when an iPod nano battery is low, the iTurbo can supply up to nine additional hours of playtime.” Available in black or white, the iTurbo sells for $30-$35.