iTurbo portable power source for iPods debuts

Voxred International has announced the iTurbo, a portable power source for iPods. The tube-shaped product is reusable, runs off of one AA battery, and has an “on/off” twist feature to preserve battery power. “When an iPod battery indicates that it’s low, simply plug one end of the iTurbo adapter into the iPod and the other end into the iTurbo,” explains the company. “The blue light on top of the iTurbo will become brighter, indicating that the iPod is receiving a safe flow of energy. The amount of additional playtime supplied by the iTurbo depends upon the make and model of the iPod. For example, when an iPod nano battery is low, the iTurbo can supply up to nine additional hours of playtime.” Available in black or white, the iTurbo sells for $30-$35.

  1. **Shaking head in both dissapointment and disbelief**

    Either the design team for this one is completely oblivous, or rolling in their seats right now.

  2. hahaha i’d be embarrassed to carry one of those in my pocket. can you seriously get 9 hours off 1 AA battery? if that’s true, the lithium-ion battery in the ipod must be pretty weak for a 14 hour total. i would also think a light would considerably drain the power on something like this.

    on top of all that – the site is a mess. this company needs some help.

  3. They originally designed them to look like lipsticks… they have different colours for the other ones.. I think they should’ve thought it out a bit more.. maybe squared off both ends, so one isn’t round.. give it a chrome accent or something and the rest white or black… some people have ZERO design sense.

  4. Actually, I think the other one was chrome with the blue tip.. looks better than this one.

    But guys, comparing it to the ‘other’ thing is kinda silly, since this thing isn’t much bigger than a AA battery.. unless of course… but you wouldn’t want to be posting that anyway… 😉

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