iWatch poll ends, first accessory poll begins

Our latest poll, Which potential iWatch feature are you most interested in?, has now closed. With new rumours continuing to circulate about Apple’s coming iWatch, including reports that the device may have a more health or fitness based focus, we were curious to know what our readers would most like to see in the new device.

Interestingly, thirty-two percent of readers responded that they have no interest in the iWatch at all.

Twenty-two percent of readers were interested in fitness tracking applications, while nineteen percent wanted to see phone/messaging integration, and sixteen percent thought that monitoring vital signs would be of interest. The remaining responses were split somewhat evenly between media playback controls, induction charging, and a sapphire display.

With the accessory landscape having changed in recent years, we’re now curious to know what you, our readers, normally consider first purchasing when buying a new iOS device—other than a case.

Once you’ve got a shiny new iPhone or iPad in your hand, do you look next to speakers, better headphones, wireless headsets, car accessories, or something else? Our latest poll What’s the first accessory you consider buying for a new iOS device, other than a case? lets you have your say. As always, the latest poll can be found at the left hand side of our main home page, or directly at https://www.ilounge.com/index.php/ilounge/poll.