iWatch schematics reveal boxy body?

A Reddit user has posted (via 9to5Mac) alleged schematics of Apple’s iWatch, showing what appears to be a rounded rectangular body and circular bottom sensor opening. The renderings are consistent with Apple designs, although the chassis is nowhere near as futuristic as has been postulated over the last year or so. While there’s no definitive proof that these images represent the iWatch, the detailed schematics are marked with the name and logo of Apple supplier Quanta, and show individual button and audio components for the device. The Reddit poster also claims the iWatch will have a mic, speaker, and Siri. Other claims suggest that the battery will last more than a day, with a waterproof housing safe to about 20m (about 65 feet), and that eight versions will be introduced — two different-sized watches, each in four different colors.

Another recent report from 9to5Mac claims Apple’s upcoming wearable device will run third-party applications. A number of companies have already received Apple’s SDK for wearables, and Facebook is said to be one of these companies. The new device may also have its own App Store.
iWatch schematics reveal boxy body?
iWatch schematics reveal boxy body?

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