Jabra debuts wireless iPod transceiver, plans speakers (updated)

Updated: Prominent wireless headset maker Jabra has unveiled a new Bluetooth wireless transceiver for the iPod, capable of transmitting data (including iPod music) back and forth with devices such as wireless headphones. Named the Jabra A125s Bluetooth Adaptor for iPod (shown, left, and now in a Flash animation on the company’s web site), the device promises 10 hours of music playback time, but does not include a headset or other receiving device. Please note that this is a Jabra-developed and -sold accessory, not an Apple one.
The report also notes that Jabra reached an earlier agreement with Klipsch, maker of numerous premium speaker products, to develop Bluetooth wireless speakers. Such speakers could offer up to 33 feet (10 meters) of distance from the transmitter and support home theater-quality sound.

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