JamPod guitar amplifier for iPod introduced

pic In addition to the PodBuddy, MacMice today announced the JamPod, a guitar amplifier for Apple’s iPod. “While working on our growing music product line this past year, we realized that it would be handy to be able to somehow play a guitar along with the songs stored on an iPod. The JamPod is our little answer to that big need,” said the company. “The JamPod just plugs into the top of any dock connector iPod, and lets you plug in your guitar, mix the level with the music from the iPod, and practice away as much as you like, through the iPod’s own earbuds.” The JamPod requires no batteries, features a top-mounted volume wheel, and works with any electric guitar, electric bass, or other instrument that sends a guitar-level output signal through a 1/4-inch instrument jack. It will begin shipping in February for $49.99.

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