JanSport debuts line of iPod-ready backpacks, jackets

imageJanSport has announced a new collection of products with integrated iPod connectivity and controls, including six new backpacks and 10 new jackets for men and women. To handle the new iPod features, the company has launched the proprietary LiveWire system, which comes in three options—LiveWire, LiveWire+, and LiveWireBT.

LiveWire, available in the backpack models, simply connects to an iPod via the headphone jack and offers a pocket for the player, but no control pad. LiveWire+, available in the backpacks and jackets, connects via the dock connector and has a soft-fabric key pad with five-button control of all iPod features. LiveWireBT utilizes Bluetooth technology to link a mobile phone and an iPod for hands-free use when carrying a backpack.

imageBackpacks include the Alt Pack (shown), Kingpin, Lo-Fi, Trinity, Audio Pack, and Dreamer. LiveWire jackets for women include the Wired Puffer, Wired Shell, Denim Jacket, Power Jacket, and Power Hoodie, while the men’s jackets include the Wired Puffer, Power Jacket (shown), Power Hoodie, Velocity Jacket, and Denim Jacket. Pricing ranges from $125-$300.

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