Apple has offered some clarification on the situation regarding the SIM lock on iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G units sold in Japan. It was originally reported that all iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G models sold in Japan would be SIM-locked to SoftBank. Only a few days later, according to a Mobile in Japan article, Apple CEO Steve Jobs responded to a customer email by saying that “[a]ctually, the version of iPad sold in Japan does accept international SIMs.” This was contradicted by information on Apple’s own website, which stated that users could not use a micro SIM from another country in iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G units purchased in Japan. Apple has since told the Wall Street Journal that Japanese iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G models will only work with SoftBank in Japan but are unlocked for use with other carriers abroad; whether or not iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G units purchased outside of Japan will work in Japan will depend on the roaming agreement of the user’s carrier.

Charles Starrett

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