JetBlue to accept Apple Pay for in-flight purchases

JetBlue will very soon be accepting Apple Pay for in-flight purchases, USA Today reports. Beginning as early as next week, customers on “select JetBlue Airways flights” will be able to use their iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus to purchase food, drinks, on-board amenities or even upgrade to available premium seats while in flight. This makes JetBlue the first airline to accept Apple Pay in flight, and the service promises to provide an easier experience compared to requiring customers to dig for credit cards while sitting in cramped seats. The carrier also expects to provide full support for payments via the Apple Watch once it becomes available as well. Later this year, passengers will also be able to use Apple Pay to make in-flight purchases directly through JetBlue’s own mobile app.

To support the new payment system, JetBlue flight crew will be outfitted with NFC-encased iPad minis that have been specially approved by the Federal Aviation Administration. These new iOS-based payment terminals will also be able to handle payment via conventional credit cards and provide a custom Inflight Service Assistant app to help flight attendants identify frequent fliers or passengers who may be celebrating a birthday. [via 9to5Mac]

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