Jobs speaks out on Android, Adobe at Town Hall event

Apple CEO Steve Jobs held a Town Hall meeting for Apple employees last week following the announcement of the iPad tablet, offering his views on a number of topics, including the company’s increasing competition from Google, according to several reports. Although all details from the event are second-hand reports, and are therefore open to some interpretation, Jobs reportedly said that Google attacked Apple by entering the phone business, instead of Apple going after the search market.

John Gruber of Daring Fireball quotes a source claiming that Jobs said “teams at Google want to kill us,” but that Apple won’t let them, and added that the company’s “Don’t be evil” mantra is “a load of crap.”

Wired reports that Jobs also called out Adobe for being lazy, as he said they have the potential to do interesting things but simply refuse. Jobs also said that Apple doesn’t support Flash on its iPhone OS devices because it’s buggy, and that no one will be using Flash going forward as the online community focuses on HTML5 development.

Finally, Mac Rumors received an anonymous submission that included some extra details, including statements from Jobs that Apple plans to deliver agressive updates to the iPhone that Android/Google won’t be able to keep up with, that Jobs considers the iPad to be on a similar level of importance as the iPhone and Mac, and that the next iPhone will be an “A+” update.