John Lennon iPod touch box covers five touch versions

For the third time since the introduction of the iPod touch in September, 2007, Apple has updated the device’s packaging, this time in an especially noteworthy way. Following the release of early iPod touch boxes bearing the image of Corinne Bailey Rae, and subsequent models with Macy Gray, current iPod touch boxes feature the image of former Beatles member John Lennon as part of artwork from Lennon Legend, a collection of his past work.

The song “Imagine” is playing on the iPod touch featured on the package.

John Lennon iPod touch box covers five touch versions

As shown in the photos here, Lennon’s image now graces a surprising number of iPod touch packages, including the “old” $279 8GB model without the January Update Mail, Maps, Stocks, Notes, and Weather applications, and the “current” $299 8GB model with these applications.

Similarly, the “old” 16GB model is available for $380 without the applications, while the current 16GB iPod touch sells for $399 with the applications included. Apple also packages the newly released $499 32GB iPod touch in the Lennon box.