JupiterResearch: Microsoft Zune won’t topple iPod

Apple’s iPod will continue to dominate the portable media device market despite the introduction of Microsoft’s Zune player and the proliferation of music phones, according to a JupiterResearch report. “Apple shows no signs of losing momentum, having conditioned customers to expect and adopt regular upgrades, as well as defined targeted use cases with optimized functionality,” said Michael Gartenberg of JupiterResearch. “Despite the coming of Zune, the return of closed-loop digital music service-device combinations, and music phones on the horizon, the iPod should not lose significant market share in the next 12 to 18 months.” Also of note, JupiterResearch found that only 11% of customers surveyed said the Zune’s wireless features were important to them. “Zune version one isn’t going to have a very big impact on the market,” said JupiterResearch analyst David Card. “There’s nothing on the horizon that looks like a game changer.”

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