JVC reveals affordable wireless earbud, headphone options

JVC is releasing a new slate of wireless earbud and headphone options this March, appealing to those who want the benefits of wireless listening without the hefty price tag. The JVC Flats Wireless series ($40) are simple on-ear headphones that provide around 11 hours of listening on a full charge and fold away flat for easy storage on the go. The company’s Noise Canceling Bluetooth Folding Headphones ($100) provide the same 11 hours of wireless listening with the added benefit of noise canceling (or longer listening if you want to turn the noise canceling off or plug the headphones in rather than use Bluetooth).
For those who want a wireless earbud instead of a full headphone, JVC has the XX Headphones ($50), a pair of in-ear headphones connected by a cord and featuring a sweat-proof design and a soft rubber rotating fin to keep them in place while working out. For those who want to ditch the cord entirely and don’t mind spending a little more, the JVC HA-ET90BT ($150) are fully independent of one another like Apple’s AirPods. They come with the same type of rubber rotating fin to keep them in and are shaped like an ear to hug close for extra support. They also have a water resistance rating of IPX5, so they’re likely fine for runners who even want to go out in the rain. The left earpiece includes a microphone for taking calls an a multifunction button to control music playback.

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