JVC reveals new LCD TVs, radios with integrated iPod Docks


JVC has introduced its P-Series LCD TVs, featuring the company’s new TeleDock, a flip-down iPod Dock at the base of the set which provides a direct connection for audio and video playback through the TV. When an iPod is docked, a menu appears on the TV screen for selecting music, music shuffle or video playback. The iPod can be controlled from the TV’s remote, which includes a circular keypad with a control scheme that mimics the iPod’s control wheel, and photos can also be displayed as a slide show. Track information such as Song Title and Artist is displayed on the screen during music playback, while video playback is handled by two different modes: low-resolution files can be displayed in a small screen mode, while larger, higher-res videos can be shown in nine different aspect ratios, including full screen. A separate option allows for iPod music listening while a TV signal is displayed, and the iPod will charge while docked regardless of whether or not the set is on. Aside from the sets’ iPod abilities, features include HDMI, component, and S-Video inputs, and an analog audio output. The new JVC P-Series includes the 768p-capable, 32-inch LT-32P679 and the 1080p 42-inch LT-42P789, which are scheduled to begin shipping in March, and the 1080p-capable, 47-inch LT-47P789 and 52-inch LT-52P789, which are expected to be available in April and summer, respectively. Pricing has yet to be determined.

JVC reveals new LCD TVs, radios with integrated iPod Docks

JVC has also introduced its NX-PN7 “dual dock” radio that features side-by-side iPod docks, with simultaneous charging capability, and offering playback from either through the built-in speakers. Other features include an AM/FM tuner, a clock and timer, auxiliary input, an included remote with dedicated iPod control keys, and an illuminated strip underneath each iPod that can display one of nine colors. Finally, JVC has announced the RA-P31 clock radio with integrated iPod dock. The RA-P31 also features a low-profile design, FM tuner, calendar, dual alarms, a white backlit display, two-inch built-in stereo speakers with surround mode, and an included remote control, and can be AC- or battery-powered by six AA batteries. The JVC NX-PN7 dual dock radio and RA-P31 iPod clock radio are scheduled for April availability and will sell for $150 and $100, respectively.

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