Kanye West backtracks, releases song on Apple Music (Update: whole album now on Apple Music)

After notably claiming his new album would “never never never be on Apple,” Kanye West has made one of the album’s tracks available on Apple Music. West has been continually tinkering with tracks on “The Life of Pablo,” which was previously only available on Tidal. One track from the album, “Famous,” is now available to listeners on Apple Music, with Pitchfork noting the rapper has tweaked the lyrics on the new version. Known for his over-the-top Twitter rants — among other things — West hasn’t publicly commented on his abrupt about-face on using Apple to distribute his music.

Update: West’s “The Life of Pablo” album is now available to stream on Apple Music, after being initially announced as a Tidal exclusive. Notably, the album isn’t the same as what’s been heard on Tidal. It’s a updated version of the album, which has already undergone other changes both pre- and post-release — so there’s a good chance that the version of “Pablo” currently on Apple Music won’t be a final version.

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