Kaplan intros Test Prep on iTunes


Kaplan has introduced three new interactive, iPod-based SAT preparation programs. The programs, focused on the test’s Critical Reading, Mathematics and Writing sections, are priced at $5 a piece and offer detailed analyses of each completed quiz students take, as well as feedback and an option for tracking quiz score progress. “Students don’t go anywhere without their iPods and Kaplan has always sought to make test prep as convenient as possible for our students so it’s a natural fit to offer test prep on iTunes. As students have embraced new trends over the years, from new learning and entertainment channels to new technology, we’ve adapted our materials in ways that are relevant to their lifestyles,” said Mark Ward, president, Pre-College Programs, Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions. The programs are available from the iTunes Store now.

Kaplan intros Test Prep on iTunes
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