Kate Spade unveils new iPod cases

Kate Spade unveils new iPod cases 1

Fashion designer Kate Spade has recently introduced a slew of new iPod cases. Among the new leather cases, which are now available from the online Apple Store, are styles to fit the iPod, iPod mini and iPod shuffle.

The Kate Spade Broome Street case ($74.95) fits fourth-generation iPods and is available in black/sand, gold/pink and pink/green. “Add a note of fashion to your iPod mix with richly colored broome street leather carriers accented with just the right touch of gold hardware,” says Apple. “The protective front cover of each case opens to reveal a contrasting linen-patterned calfskin interior. And a convertible leather strap/wristlet makes sure your music is always at hand.”

imageThe new Broome Street case for iPod mini ($64.95), styled after the full-size version, is available in black/sand, gold/pink and pink/green, while the Katy case for iPod mini ($54.95) gets new fall colors, including in black/natural, black/green, black/raspberry, blue/green, and yellow/light blue. “As stylish and colorful as the iPod mini they protect, these smooth, two-tone leather carriers don’t clip onto your waistband—they’re held like a mini handbag,” says Apple. “Classic katy leather cases feature a special sheen that makes each color virtually glow. While broome street cases combine fun and functionality with their contrast-colored cowhide exterior and calfskin interior.”

imageIn addition to the recently introduced Fulham case, Kate Spade is now offering a Broome Street leather case for the iPod shuffle ($44.95). Like the above, it comes in black/sand, gold/pink and pink/green. “Make even more of a statement with your music. These broome street cases wrap your iPod shuffle in a perfect blend of color and style. The convenient wristlet snaps onto a handle or shoulder strap—and adds the clever touch of a leather ‘Kate Spade’ charm.”

  1. rediculous, waaaaaaay too many cases are appearing, and ugly ones too. who’s buying all these cases? how many do we need? and the price! nutso.

  2. The price is not nuts if you know anything about Kate Spade. I think they’re really nice, and if they are like other KS bags, they’re very well made. I’d buy one if I needed another case.

  3. kate spade? dunno her, doesn’t matter who she is or who makes it to me. i have a Roots leather case i bought for $20, NOT $75!

    i can atach a leather starp on my case for $2.

  4. I bought this case out in Vegas and love it, I wanted something stylish and protective. I had an iskin but the belt clip broke, i’m much happier with this case. . .

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