Kensington announces new iPod accessories

imageKensington today announced the addition of five new products to its line of iPod accessories. The new gear includes a set of speakers, an FM transmitter and a combo FM radio and transmitter for dock connector iPods, and a travel plug adapter and clip set for the iPod shuffle.

The SX 2000 Speakers ($159.99) feature “breakthrough flat-panel SurfaceSound speaker technology from NXT and deliver superior bass, more balanced sound, and a wider sweet spot versus traditional cone speakers.” The speakers will come with the iPod Universal Dock.

Kensington’s Micro FM transmitter ($49.99) lets you play the music on your iPod through any FM receiver. It’s built with Aerielle wireless technology, which is said to offer “superior audio and noise filtration so your music sounds great.”

The Digital FM Radio and FM Transmitter ($79.99) is a 2-in-1 FM transmitter and radio for any dockable iPod. It lets you listen to your favorite radio station with your iPod or transmit your music through your home or car stereo. The device features a backlit digital display, four pre-sets and also uses Aerielle technology.

The Kensington Travel Plug Adapter with USB Charger ($39.99) is a “complete travel plug adapter in a convenient size” for the iPod shuffle. It allows you to plug into outlets in up to 150 different countries, and has two modules that allow you to either charge your iPod or plug in any AC powered product.

Transporters ($19.99) come with two attachments—a belt-clip and spring-loaded carabineer clip—for easy carrying of your iPod shuffle. The case’s proprietary locking caps “protect the USB connector and keep your shuffle safe and secure no matter where you put it.”

Kensington told iLounge that the iPod accessories wouldn’t be available until later this year. The company’s website has yet to be updated with the new products and we are awaiting photos from Kensington.

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