Kensington debuts RDS FM transmitter for iPods

Kensington has introduced the world’s first RDS FM transmitter for iPods. The Kensington RDS FM transmitter/car charger allows an RDS-enabled car stereo to display song and artist information transmitted from a fifth-generation iPod or iPod nano. “Our research indicates that over 80% of all new cars being sold in the US include RDS enabled stereos,” notes Kensington. “RDS is a hugely popular feature and is quickly becoming mainstream. The new Kensington RDS FM Transmitter is the first to allow iPod consumers to take advantage of this exciting car stereo technology.” The device also features ClearFM technology, simultaneous charging of your iPod, three station pre-sets, and a black and brushed aluminum design. The Kensington RDS FM Transmitter will be available this month for $90.

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