Kensington shows FX500 portable speaker, Car Mount for iPod

Continuing its lines of speakers and car accessories, Kensington has today announced the FX500 Speaker To Go ($50) and Car Mount for iPod and MP3 Players ($30), budget-priced items relative to most of its prior offerings. The successor to Kensington’s earlier FX300, FX500 is a combination iPod case and speaker system, here promising stereo sound from a 1.25” “ultra-thin,” high-density foam enclosure. Its speakers are based on NXT flat-panel technology, and run off of 3 AAAs for up to 10 hours.

All black, Kensington’s Car Mount features a flexible arm and adjustable, padded cradle for positioning your iPod at your preferred angle in a car; a lever-assisted suction mount grips your car. The cradle resizes to fit various iPods and even smaller nanos, with space at the bottom for connection of other accessories. Interestingly, Kensington warns California and Minnesota drivers that Car Mount can’t be mounted on their car windows; it needs to be attached instead to the dashboard in these (and potentially other) states.

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