KGI: 3D Touch upgrade coming in new iPhone, Touch ID and facial recognition upgrades in future model

Well-connected KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo told investors to expect Apple to make big changes in order to make the new OLED displays work in the company’s next iPhone. Kuo expects to see a redesigned 3D Touch system since the existing pressure sensors would be incompatible with a flexible display panel, with the company switching to a “film sensor” that is more sensitive to the amount of pressure being applied to the screen. He also claims the company is developing a new optical fingerprint scanner to replace the current Touch ID sensor.
While other sources are claiming that Apple will include the new fingerprint scanner in this year’s iPhone in its push to eliminate the device’s bezels, Kuo thinks the technology is still in the early development stage and won’t debut in 2017. Apple is also rumored to be working on facial recognition technology that Kuo believes will one day replace the Touch ID scanner all together, relying on “full-face recognition rather than biometric iris recognition” to authenticate a user and unlock the device. While Kuo seems bullish on both a new fingerprint sensor and facial recognition, he didn’t provide any firm timelines for when customers can expect to see either debut. [via 9to5Mac]

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