Klipsch rolls out iGroove speaker system

Klipsch rolls out iGroove speaker system 1

Klipsch today introduced the iGroove, a new all-in-one iPod speaker system. The iGroove features dual 2.5-inch fiber-composite woofers in a ported enclosure, dual 1-inch MicroTractrix Horn-loaded tweeters and a built-in iPod dock.

“The iGroove is designed to deliver superior dynamic range, detail and clarity, allowing users to hear the subtleties in their favorite music that were once hidden beneath the surface,” says Klipsch.
The two-way system comes with a wireless remote and accepts and charges all iPods with Dock Connector ports. It also works with other audio devices using an included J-Cup adaptor. The Klipsch iGroove will be available later this month for a retail price of $279.99.

  1. Well…at LEAST it’s not white.

    I know there have been those here who’ve pointed out that Klipsch has ironed out past issues with balky power supplies in their powered speaker systems, so I’ll reserve judgement on that particular aspect. Well, in the past it’s been easier to get Klipsch gear at discounted prices; it’ll be interesting to see if they try to hold the line like Bose, Plantronics…er, sorry…I mean Altec Lansing, and all the rest who try to hold the line on pricing. I might have to give one a test drive, just for the heck of it, like I did with that dreck of a SoundDock.

    Well, a twist…horn tweets (but what else would one expect from Klipsch?)…no neogobbledegook full rangers. Still, it appears SO terminally plasticky, just like their computer speakers. When’s someone going to make the housing of one of these “solutions” out of a SERIOUS (re: substantial) material?

    As for the Bose the company vs. Klipsch the company argument…neither is on MY radar screen, though IF someone put a Glock to my head I’d pick Klipsch, only because through my past experiences with both their products Bose has basically sucked with their various badge-engineered tripe (e.g., think purportedly Bose-engineered automotive audio systems), hokey all-n-one multichannel solutions, as well as a week with their SoundDock) whereas I have fond memories of Klipsch’s cornerhorns even if their Promedia GMX gear stunk to high heaven.

    I will admit that at one time I did think that Bose’s ancient 301s were great. Then someone must’ve smacked me on the head because I realized just how bloody low I was aiming.

    BTW, I looked at that i-Deck unit on their website…looks appealing actually, and it too ISN’T white, though baby blue-grey wouldn’t have been my first choice. The materials seems to show better, at least in pictures. It’s spendier than either the Bose or Klipsch but its specifications look promising, but WTF is it with these cheapo credit-card FF remotes?

  2. 1. the Bose system has much more speaker area
    2. the Bose system looks far cleaner
    3. the Bose remote seems much cleaner/nicer
    4. the Bose system doesn’t look cheap – this thing looks like its made of cheap grey plastic
    5. the Bose system delivers audio more directly, rather than angled a little more towards the cieling than the room space
    6. the Bose system is only $20 more… seems like a no-brainer to me to get the Bose system

  3. I can say with confidence that there will be no comparison in sound between the 2. Klipsch speakers sound tons better, and it would be foolish to buy the Sounddock when it is actually more expensive, although I do like the way the Sounddock sounds.

  4. Spock, meet me in the transporter room and prepare to have the iGroove beam us down to the outer reaches of planet Klipsch.

  5. While I still don’t quite understand the market for these overpriced, CD-Player less, radio-less things I would happily assume that anything by Klipsch that is half the price of a Bose product will sound at least twice as good. But that’s just common sense.

  6. Klipsch can kick bose ### any day, here at my house we have a set of klipsch monitors in the living room that we’ve had for years and they kickass. Bose is just overpriced if you ask me, and doesn’t sound that great, so I’d pick this over anything bose anyday lol except I must say, I do like the bose quiet comfort II’s 😉 lol

  7. Much better than both of these is the i-deck from Monitor Audio,a British HiFi speaker manufacturer with a great reputation for quality speakers.

    I bought an i-deck after extensive research into the market and after listening to everything that competes at this level, forget the Bose, give the Klipsch credit, it doesn’t sound bad, but the i-deck really rocks at any volume, crisp, clear and reasonable priced.

    In my personal opinion, its the best, see it on the web site. I think the address is http://www.i-deck.com. It hard to get one as it has only just been launched, but it is available on the web I think

    Great stuff MA, it really rocks my boat

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