Kohl’s integrates rewards system with Apple Pay

Kohl’s has become the first company to integrate its in-store rewards points system with its charge card in Apple Pay, according to a release from the company. By the end of the month, all customers using their Kohl’s charge account through Apple Pay will be able to link their account to a Yes2You Rewards card so that loyalty points are processed during the same single-tap transaction.
Apple Pay already supports rewards cards for retailers like Walgreens, but those cards aren’t integrated with the actual payment method and still require a separate tap. 9to5Mac reports Dunkin’ Donuts, JCPenney, Panera, Whole Foods and Wegman’s are also working to add Apple Pay support for loyalty cards, but whether those cards can be integrated like the Kohl’s card or stand alone like the Walgreens card remains to be seen. More retailers opting for integrating payment and rewards cards could seriously bolster Apple’s pitch for Apple Pay being a more convenient payment method than using a traditional card.