Koloroo debuts widgets for iPods


Koloroo today announced two new widgets—TipKalc and KolorWheel—that run on any iPod with a color screen. TipKalc ($5) is a tip calculator with instant check-splitter, and KolorWheel ($8) is a color utility that provides color schemes for various uses. Both widgets can be loaded onto an iPod from either a PC or Mac, according to the developer.

“TipKalc is easy to use. Just spin your iPod’s Click Wheel until your bill amount is displayed in the center of the screen,” explains Koloroo. “Everything else is automatically calculated for you. It calculates recommended 15% and 20% tip amounts, grand totals, and even splits the check up to five ways. Using KolorWheel is just as easy. You select a base color by moving your thumb over the iPod Click Wheel. A suggested color scheme is automatically displayed in the four corners. If you prefer to match your base color to a particular object, you hold your iPod next to it. Again, a suggested color scheme will be automatically displayed in the corners.”

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