Krusell bows Motörheadphöne, inspired by Motörhead

Krusell bows Motörheadphöne, inspired by Motörhead 1

Following the success of Monster’s Beats by Dre series of headphones and similar musician-inspired alternatives, Krusell has announced the release of Motörheadphöne, a series of headphones inspired by metal band Motörhead. The series includes five products: the over-ear 40mm driver-based Motörizer ($130) with three-button remote, and remote-less Iron Fist ($120) headphones, the on-ear 30mm Bomber ($100) headphones with remote, plus mic-equipped Overkill ($60) and mic-less Trigger ($50) earphones. Motörizer, Iron Fist, and Bomber all use branded leather sides, while Overkill and Trigger have metallic circular edges.


Krusell also announced three simple, iPhone-sized cases, the hard shell Metropolis ($35), a sealed pouch called Capricorn ($40), and open-topped sleeve Burner ($35). Each uses black leather with Motörhead logo and text branding in either white or red. All of the cases and headphones are expected to be released this fall.

  1. Great to see some kick-a## rockers jumping onboard the gravy train.

    No mention of whether they’re specifically tuned to get the most out of your metal collection, though?

    Long live rock n roll!!

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