Kwikset announces Premis HomeKit-compatible smart lock

Kwikset has expanded the smart lock lineup that began with its popular Kevo last year, debuting its first HomeKit-compatible solution, Premis. The new smart lock will allow users to lock and unlock their door using Siri voice controls and HomeKit-compatible third-party apps, and it includes other advanced security features such as SecureScreen and the latest version of Kwikset SmartKey security. Leveraging the Apple TV as a standard HomeKit hub, HomeKit support will allow users to let others in while away, confirm their door is locked after leaving, and unlock the door when coming home without fumbling for keys. HomeKit compatibility will also provide the ability to create integrated scenes with other HomeKit accessories, including triggers and notifications that can perform actions such as turning on lighting or adjusting heating, simply by unlocking the front door.
Premis can also be unlocked digitally from a capacitive touchscreen keypad on the front which can hold up to 30 unique user codes at one time. The codes can be assigned and configured through the companion iOS app — including codes with specific day and time constraints and receiving lock activity notifications. Premis also boasts easy installation with no hard wiring required, and runs on four AA batteries.

In addition, Kwikset has also updated its Kevo lineup with a second-generation Kevo model that provides improves security, reduces the inside door profile, and provides a better installation and in-app configuration experience. A new Kevo Convert product will also allow users to upgrade existing deadbolt locks to add basic Kevo support for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi-based Kevo Plus locking and unlocking. Premis, Kevo 2, and Kevo Convert are all expected to be available later this year; pricing has not yet been announced.


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