Label Interactive announces GameTable for iPad

Label Interactive has announced that it is developing a virtual board and card games app for the iPad. GameTable takes advantage of the iPad’s larger screen to provide a virtual game table on which users can play classic games such as Checkers, Chess, Backgammon, Poker, Solitaire and more. Rather than taking the traditional single-player game approach, GameTable is instead designed simply to provide a virtual board for players to compete against their friends using the iPad as the platform. “GameTable isn’t a typical video game,” explains Jeff Juliard, Label Interactive founder and president. “There is no ‘logic’ built in. GameTable simply provides gorgeous, photo-realistic tables, boards and game pieces along with an extremely intuitive and fun way for users to interact with them.” GameTable is expected to be available on the App Store for an introductory price of $1 shortly after the iPad is released in late March. More information can be found on the developer’s web site at

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  1. I am a bit disappointed with missing built-in AI. It’s great concept that we can take a mobile chess board anywhere with ipad’s size. There is an all-in-1 board games new comer for iphone, too bad that’s not for ipad. It’ll be great to see the 2 merged and a 99c board games pack running both on ipad and iphone will be very convenient!

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