Leaked ‘iPhone 7 Plus’ renderings show larger camera cutout and Smart Connector, lack headphone jack

Another round of alleged schematics provided to uSwitch appear to show that the iPhone 7 Plus will have a dual camera and Smart Connector, but lack a headphone jack. Leaked images sourced from Steve Hemmerstoffer of NowhereElse depict renderings of an iPhone 7 — which appears much like the iPhone 6s minus a headphone jack — and an iPhone 7 Plus that looks decidedly different. In addition to showing the three dots associated with the iPad Pro’s Smart Connector, the back of the larger phone has a bigger, oval-shaped camera cutout that lends more credibility to the rumor that the new Plus will feature a dual camera setup.
The stark differences between the two models could explain conflicting reports over whether Apple is adding the Smart Connector to its new phones and lend credence to the idea that Apple is considering a feature-heavy “iPhone Pro.” The one consistent change — the missing headphone jack — is in keeping with most speculation on the subject, but appear to show the phones still only have a single speaker instead of the stereo speaker configuration hinted at by earlier leaked images of cases.

Update: A new report from KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggests that Apple will in fact only be releasing a single iPhone 7 Plus version, rather than splitting the lineup into separately “Plus” and “Pro” models. Kuo indicates that the iPhone 7 Plus will ship with the dual-lens camera system, along with 3GB of RAM to account for increased image processing requirements. Kuo was the analyst who originally reported on multiple versions of the iPhone 7 Plus, and still believes that was once Apple’s plan but that the company has reconsidered as it doesn’t want to undermine demand for the dual-camera model. [via MacRumors