Leaked photo alleges to show iPhone 7 antenna line has moved toward new phone’s bottom

Another leaked photo obtained by French website NowhereElse appears to support previous rumors that the upcoming iPhone 7 will do away with the straight horizontal antenna lines of its iPhone 6s predecessor. The photo shows the bottom half of a silver device featuring a curved antenna line instead of the iPhone 6s’s dual-line design on the phone’s rear. Another leaked photo from earlier in the week appeared to show a design schematic for a new iPhone that featured curved antenna lines at both the top and bottom of the device. The antenna line in this new image is similarly positioned to that in the previous image, but slightly higher and seemingly bulkier. The angle of the new picture doesn’t allow for a glimpse at the possible top antenna or the bottom of the phone, lending no further insights into rumors that the new phone will do away with its headphone jack in favor of stereo speakers.


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