Leaked photo shows official Apple Watch dock packaging (Updated: dock released)

A photo posted by French site iGeneration appears to show the packaging and instructions for an official Apple dock for the Apple Watch. The box reads “Magnetic Charging Dock” and features a diagram of a circular dock supporting the Apple Watch in both horizontal and vertical positions. The dock appears to come with a Lightning cable, but not the USB adapter for plugging the cable into the wall. The price tag on the box shows the cost to be 89 euros, which will likely translate into around $79 in the U.S. No extra information was provided alongside the photo. [via MacRumors]

Update: The new dock has appeared in some European Apple Stores. As anticipated, the dock’s central magnetic ring allows an Apple Watch to charge lying flat and also raises up to let the watch charge vertically while operating in Nightstand mode. According to Apple Insider, the dock is on sale for £65 in a London location and 89 euros in other countries. We haven’t heard about any of the U.S. locations making the new dock available and it’s not yet available for purchase online.


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