Linux: gtkpod 0.50 Released


gtkpod is a platform independent GUI for Apple’s iPod using GTK2. It allows you to import your existing iTunes database, to add songs/directories/playlists, to edit ID3 tags, to modify the iTunes database without the iPod connected and to synchronize at a later time. gtkpod also features international charset support for ID3 tags, detects when adding already existing songs, and more.
What’s new in v0.50:
This is release (V0.50) brings a bunch of enhancements, like drag and drop directly from nautilus/konqueror, more intelligent drag and drop logic (e.g. dropping between to playlists will create a new playlist to drop in), startup/shutdown scripts, automatic mount/unmout of the iPod directory, variable number of sort tabs (none to five), reorderable song attribute columns, an overall speed-up of the display code and a play song command (user-defined command line)


Dennis Lloyd

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