Linux: Rhythmbox 0.7.1 released

Rhythmbox is an integrated music management application, originally inspired by Apple’s iTunes.  It is free software, designed to work well under the GNOME Desktop, and based on the powerful GStreamer media framework,  or the Xine framework.

Now supports iPod, which is still experimental.

See README.iPod for more information.
What’s new in this version:

  • Initial iPod support (see README.iPod) [Christophe Fergeau]
  • Ignore files with unknown MIME types [Colin Walters]
  • Support for Rating criteria in automatic playlists [Colin Walters]
  • Disc number tags [Christophe Fergeau]
  • Per-song automatic rating is now configurable [Michael Terry]
  • Improved multiselection dialog [Colin Walters]
  • Fix GStreamer configure checks [Christophe Fergeau, Colin Walters]
  • Use weighted random algorithm when using Shuffle+Repeat [Jeffrey Yasskin]
  • Remove Bonobo statusbar for now [Colin Walters]
  • Disable "Browse by…" context menu if browser isn’t enabled [Colin Walters]
  • Some state saving: search text, selected source [Colin Walters]
  • Use GtkFileChooser in startup druid too [Christophe Fergeau, Colin Walters]
  • Add audioconvert in pipeline [Colin Walters]
  • Don’t do prelighting on ratings (avoids theme color issues) [Colin Walters]
  • Actually save library if it didn’t exist before [Christophe Fergeau]
  • Use GAtomic if available [Christophe Fergeau]
  • Improved Xing header parsing [Christophe Fergeau]
  • Improved duration reading using GStreamer [Christophe Fergeau]
  • Fix flac configury [[email protected]]
  • Don’t set sink to NULL to avoid pausing issue [Colin Walters]
  • Fix occasional deadlock on startup [Colin Walters]
  • Other various bugfixes

License: Freeware
System Requirements:

  • GNOME, with GTK+ at least 2.2.

  • An audio backend – you can use either
        GStreamer or Xine.  If you use
        GStreamer, you will also need the following plugins:
    • gnomevfssrc
    • spider
    • volume
    • An output sink such as osssink, alsasink, or esdsink

  • For MP3 support, you will need libid3tag from the MAD project.  In addition, if you’re using the GStreamer backend, you will need the mad plugin.
  • For Ogg Vorbis support, you will need libvorbis from the Ogg Vorbis project.  GStreamer users will need the vorbisfile plugin.
  • Likewise for FLAC support, you will need libflac.