Livio Car Internet Radio now free

Livio Radio has released an update to its Internet Radio app for the iPhone and iPod touch. Livio Car Internet Radio provides an in-vehicle optimized interface for browsing and listening to Internet Radio on the iPhone or iPod touch.

Users can easily search for stations by genre, location or language, tune stations in by call letters or keywords or find local stations based on the iPhone’s current GPS location. Background listening is supported via a Safari browser stream, allowing for compatibility with older non-multitasking-capable iOS devices.

The application also provides a built-in speed dialer feature for iPhone users, allowing quick access to frequently called contacts from directly within the app and Facebook and Twitter sharing for posting favorite stations to social network feeds. Originally priced at $5, Livio Internet Car Radio is now available from the App Store as a free download and includes access to hundreds of Internet Radio stations at no extra charge; an upgrade to the Premium version is available for $5 as an in-app purchase which unlocks access to 42,000 additional stations through the RadioTime directory and enables a recommendations feature for locating similar radio stations.