Logitech debuts Wireless Music System for iPod

imageLogitech today introduced its Wireless Music System for iPod, a two-piece accessory that lets you wirelessly connect your iPod to your home stereo system and use the device as a wireless remote to control your iPod (change tracks, adjust volume, etc.).

The Logitech Wireless Music System includes a rechargeable music transmitter that plugs into the headphone port on your iPod and a music receiver that plugs into a home stereo receiver or multimedia speakers through an RCA port or a 3.5 mm jack. They can be used up to 33-feet apart.

The solution uses Logitech’s Music Anywhere wireless technology, which provides “crystal-clear digital audio quality and features adaptive frequency hopping, helping the products overcome any potential wireless interference.”

The Logitech Wireless Music System for iPod will be available beginning in October for $149.99.

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