Logitech releasing Logitech Crayon and Logitech Rugged Combo 2 case for new iPad

Logitech has jumped into Apple’s renewed push into education with two new accessories for the 6th generation iPad released yesterday. The Logitech Crayon uses technology first found in the Apple Pencil in a say that’s kid-friendly, connecting to the iPad without even requiring pairing and boasting an 8-hour battery life to last through the whole school day (or a very long car trip). The components are also built in a way that resists the destructive tendencies of little hands, with a pry-resistant smart tip that’s only removable with a special tool and a tethered rubber cap that can’t be lost. The flat design also makes it easier to grip for little hands and should help keep it from rolling off the table all the time.
When combined with the new iPad’s palm rejection technology, the Logitech Crayon is able to deliver sub-pixel precision, low latency and support for tilt to keep from breaking the flow for little hands that just want to draw and write. The Rugged Combo 2 also bolsters the new iPad for child use, with pry-resistant keys on the detachable keyboard and a secure-sealed design to protect it from spills. The keyboard also never needs charging because it works off the iPad’s battery, and it connects to the device using a proprietary connector to deliver a secure keyboard connection, making iPad an approved device for testing purposes. When (and if) the Logitech Crayon ($50) and Rugged Combo 2 ($100) will be available to the general public isn’t entirely clear, but the devices will be available to school districts through Apple this summer. The original Rugged Combo case was never made available to the general public.


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